Teacher Wish Lists

Amazon wish lists make it easier for parents to directly support their students’ teachers and provide enhancements to the learning environment and curriculum. Each teacher may choose items and supplies that would make a difference in their classrooms, parents can easily purchase the exact items the teachers want, and Amazon ships and keeps track of it all to avoid duplicate purchases.

In addition, a percentage of each wishlist purchase funds the PTA through the Amazon Smile program, at no cost to the purchaser or to the school!

The links below will take you to the individual teacher wish lists. We encourage you to make separate purchases for each teacher, rather than combining orders. This way a box will arrive at school with the teacher’s name on it and the office can simply deliver it to the teacher’s classroom.

For the shipping address, please enter:

Hyattsville Elementary School
c/o Name of Teacher
5311 43rd Avenue
Hyattsville, MD 20781

Other Areas of Help Needed

1: Organizing the school math closet. From Ms. Calloway, Mathematics Lead: Last year due to fire codes additional shelves were stacked and moved in the math closet which have made it difficult to locate and access materials. If possible, I would like to spend about 3 or 4 hours sorting materials into bins, moving shelves around, and labeling so that teachers are more easily able to access and locate resources the school already has. I would ideally like to have a total of about 5 people to accomplish this. Organizing the math closet would allow teachers to increase the use of manipulatives and availability for student use in the classroom which supports student understanding of content. 
If interested, contact Ms. Calloway, jennifer.callaway@pgcps.org

2: Classroom Block painting. From Ms. Calloway, 3rd grade teacher:My classroom has about 50, 1 foot square blocks on the wall that are painted navy blue. When I transferred to Hyattsville over the summer I took the time to paint the shelves and bulletin boards in my classroom black and light gray. However, I ran out of paint and time to paint the blocks on the walls. If anyone is interested in helping me paint these blocks it would be deeply appreciated! 
If interested, contact Ms. Calloway, jennifer.callaway@pgcps.org